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February 16, 2019.
posted in Child Support

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While many absent parents want nothing more than to help provide for the children they bring into this world, deadbeats parents abound. Some parents are all too willing to forget their obligations to their children when they no longer have a romantic interest in the mother or father—and simply walk away from the situation, seemingly with no regard as to who will feed, clothe and shelter the child. Such is the case for the Florida mom who was once married to who the New York Post dubbed “The Randy Rabbi,” a man who has been married six times and owes more than $65K in back child support.

The spiritual leader in question is Marc Schneier, founder of the Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton, New York, also known as the “rabbi to the stars.” Although his many discretions led Schneier to be encouraged to step down from his position at the synagogue, a tax filing from 2016 for his Foundation for Ethnic Understanding reveals that he receives a personal salary there for $395,303 and additional compensation of $44,000—none of which, say, Toby Gotesman Schneier, his third wife who he divorced after 12 years of marriage, goes to benefit he son.

Schneier was ordered by the New York courts in 2005 to pay $4,200 per month, increasing by $200 per year, until their child, who is now 19 years old and a student at the University of Miami, entered college. At that time, the amount was to be cut in half until the child turned 22 or graduated from college and was intended to be used for his living expenses.

The state of Florida took action on the mother’s behalf back in December, ordering the rabbi to pay $5,000 per month to his son. Florida also requested that New York State, where the rabbi lives, get involved, and has asked the Internal Revenue Service to intercept any tax refund the deadbeat rabbi might receive. Further, Florida has asked the U.S. State Department to deny the rabbi’s renewal of his passport, which the New York Post says may serve to curtail his globetrotting activities. The Post went on to add that while his son was wondering how to feed himself at college, Schneier was attending the Global Conference of Human Fraternity alongside Pope Francis and other religious figures. Notably, the Randy Rabbi is still making full payments of support for another child, age 4, by a different mother.

The penalties for not paying support in Florida can be quite steep. Deadbeat parents can face:

  • Seizure of bank accounts. The court can seize funds directly from the parent’s bank account if he/she goes more than four months without paying support or has an arrearage of $600 or more.
  • Wage garnishment.
  • The offset of federal or state tax refunds.
  • Withholding of benefits like worker’s comp.
  • Seizure of assets.
  • Freezing of home equity credit lines.
  • Negative indication on the credit report.
  • Suspension of driving privileges.
  • Revocation of passports.
  • Suspension of the professional license.
  • Jail time of up to a year.

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