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May 10, 2019.
posted in Property Division

On behalf of The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A.

That is one of the common questions recent divorcees hear from people: where do you live now? Of course, you know what they are really asking about, and that is property division. Our Fort Lauderdale property division attorneys at The Law Office Of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. has worked with numerous clients who own anywhere from one or multiple properties in Florida or throughout the world. Divorce doesn’t just mean breaking up the emotional part of the relationship. It also means dividing much of the marital assets including the property. Some places hold more sentimental value than others. If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, our Fort Lauderdale property division attorney is ready to help you out through this stage of the divorce. Here are 5 helpful hints on how you can better assist your attorney so you can get the results you want:

  1. Find an attorney who knows what they are doing. Our Fort Lauderdale property division attorneys have worked within the South Florida area for years. We are familiar with the local judges and court systems. We have extensive knowledge of the nuances needed in order to get the results you want.
  2. Don’t hide things from us. Don’t attempt to hide property or assets from us. It always comes out in the end and it can ruin your credibility with the court. Because Florida believes inequitable—not equal—distribution, exposing lies could mean that your spouse may receive more than you.
  3. Tell us up front where you would like to live. If you have multiple properties, it may be easier to obtain one if you can consider your main home. From there, you and your spouse have three choices: (1) refinance the house and buy it from your spouse, (2) sell the home and divide the proceeds, or (3) allows the custodial parent to stay within the home until a certain period of time and then it is back to (1) or (2).
  4. Tell us when you purchase the property or when it was given to you. Marital property is the only property divisible in a divorce. If you purchased property before the marriage, if it was inherited to you (in some cases), or if you purchased property during separation, it may not be subjected to division.
  5. Tell us the truth about your finances. Again, because the court believes in the equitable division, the courts will look at how dependent a spouse was on the other and how that came to be. If you are honest about your finances and what you need, you are less likely to pay out more than you should or receive less than expected.

At the end of the day, you really need an attorney who has your back and supports you. Our Fort Lauderdale property division lawyer believes in building strong relationships with our clients because we want to be there every step of the way and beyond. Call 954-533-2756 or click here to start your free consultation with our professional attorneys at The Law Office Of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale.

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