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June 15, 2020.
posted in Property Division

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Going through a divorce is never easy, regardless of your financial circumstances. However, for couples who have a high net worth or a complex asset structure, a divorce can become immensely complicated. If you are considering going through a divorce, and you think that the distribution of assets will be a problem, you need to work with a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney throughout the entirety of your case. Here, we want to discuss some of the complications that can arise during a high asset divorce.

What Can Make A High Asset Divorce Complicated?

Not everyone is going to be beset by complications due to a high net worth during the divorce. However, for those that are in this situation, understanding how Florida law handles the distribution of assets during a separation can be complicated. In Florida, the law requires an equitable division of property between the two spouses who are divorcing. While this generally means as close to a 50-50 split is possible, this does not necessarily have to be the case. In fact, a 50-50 split may be nearly impossible considering the complexities involved in a high asset divorce case.

Some of the assets that may be involved in these cases include:

  • Multiple savings and checking accounts
  • Various retirement accounts (401ks, IRAs, pension plans, etc.)
  • Stock options
  • Taxable investment portfolios
  • Businesses owned by either spouse
  • Various real estate properties
  • and more

In some high asset divorce cases, couples may also have other valuable property between them, including vintage vehicles, art collections, jewelry, and more. Unfortunately, high asset divorce cases are much more likely to be contested. Properly handling a high net worth or complicated asset divorce case is incredibly important and will require assistance from a skilled attorney.

What Will An Attorney Be Able To Do In These Cases?

While some divorcing spouses may think they can handle these situations by themselves, the reality is the high net worth of divorce will quickly unravel without professional experience and assistance. Fort Lauderdale asset division attorney with experience handling high asset cases will know that they may need to involve:

  • Forensic accountants
  • Valuation appraisers for an estate
  • Business valuation experts
  • Private investigators

High asset divorce cases in Fort Lauderdale will also likely involve complexities when it comes to spousal maintenance (alimony) as well as child support payments. Traditional state calculators will not be sufficient to address the needs in these situations.

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Going through a divorce is never easy, and simply trusting that everything will work out fine is a mistake. If you and your spouse are separating and you know that your assets are complex or you have a high net worth, let the team at The Law Office Of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. help you today. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients in these situations. Let our team get to work today so we can get you through this transition period as smoothly and quickly as possible. You can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 954-533-2756.

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