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July 14, 2022.
posted in Child Custody

Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Child Custody Case

Child custody disputes are often among the most contentious issues that can arise during a divorce. If you’re involved in a battle for custody of your children, you need to protect yourself by not making mistakes that can jeopardize your chances of securing an ideal outcome. Examples include: Posting on Social Media It is very...

June 17, 2022.
posted in Divorce

3 Potential Benefits of Getting a Divorce

Many people consider divorce to be an unfortunate outcome of a marriage. While it is true that most people get married with the intention of staying together for the rest of their lives, it is also important to understand that in some circumstances, getting a divorce is the ideal solution when a marriage has become...

May 18, 2022.
posted in Alimony Spousal Support

A Lump Sum Alimony Payment: Is It Right for You?

If you are getting a divorce from a spouse who earns considerably more than you, a judge might order them to pay alimony on a temporary or permanent/indefinite basis. Alimony often Should I Ask to Receive Alimony in a Lump Sum? Before determining whether you wish to receive alimony in the form of a lump...

April 13, 2022.
posted in Child Custody Modification

How Child Support Orders Are Modified in Florida

Have you been ordered to pay child support in Florida? Although you need to make payments according to the terms of your existing order while it remains in effect, for various reasons, you may one day be able to modify your current child support order. This guide explains the basics of the process. Changing a...

March 15, 2022.
posted in Divorce

How to Remain Civil During a Divorce

A divorce is often a challenging experience for various reasons. One common struggle many faces involve remaining civil when speaking with their exes throughout the process. That doesn’t mean staying civil during a divorce is impossible. If you’re divorcing a spouse, the following tips will help you minimize one of the main causes of stress...

February 16, 2022.
posted in Divorce

The Financial Implications of Divorce in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

There are many different aspects of financial wellbeing to consider during a divorce. From assets to taxes, almost all aspects of monetary life are impacted by the divorce of two people in a marriage. While some people are in a good position, able to provide for their family, others are left struggling after making poor...

January 13, 2022.
posted in Family Law

How the Florida Bill to Eliminate Permanent Alimony Affects You

The Florida state legislature is finally circling in more closely on passing a bill that would reform permanent alimony laws. Currently, Florida remains one of only six states that still allow permanent alimony awards during divorce trials. The legislative reform effort has appeared and disappeared on the capitol floor for the past several years, along...

December 15, 2021.
posted in Divorce

Breaking Down Divorce in Florida

Florida has a reputation for its beautiful beaches and laid back way of life, but it has also become known for an ugly rate of divorces in recent years – the fourth highest ranking state for divorce, in fact, at a population of 13.2 percent. If you find yourself in the midst of a difficult...

November 17, 2021.
posted in Criminal Defense

A Timeline Of Florida’s Unfair Sentencing For Low-Level Drug Offenders

In 2008, Tarahrick Terry was arrested for possessing 3.9 grams of “crack cocaine.” He was sentenced to over 15 years in prison. This case would seem like a low-level offense. If convicted today, current sentencing laws would allow for much lighter sentences, but Terry was sentenced before the laws were modified, made to live with...

September 16, 2021.
posted in Divorce

What Exactly Is Collaborative Law And Does It Work?

COVID-19 caused court cases to gridlock. Criminal cases took precedence over civil ones. During the pandemic, family law litigators found alternative ways to negotiate and find resolutions concerning divorce agreements. The mental health experts associated with collaborative law urged attorneys to buy into peaceful options instead of oppositional courtroom approaches. When relationships cannot be salvaged,...

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