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October 08, 2012.
posted in Felonies

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Often, the more charges brought against a defendant, the more complex the criminal case becomes. When a person is accused of solicitation to commit murder against witnesses to the original case that case can get even more complicated very quickly. If you have been charged with a¬†criminal offense, it is imperative to seek a competent criminal defense attorney to effectively address the charges, especially if any new allegations surface. This is even more essential when the main witness is described as a “professional snitch” by the prosecution.

A 65-year-old Coral Springs man is currently accused of two crimes: first killing his wife and second, attempting to hire a hitman to kill the witnesses who made statements against him in the first case. The second charge relies on the testimony of a witness who is currently an inmate at Broward Main Jail where the defendant is currently being held.

The main witness reportedly was known in the jail as someone who could arrange for contract killings. According to the testimony of this witness, the defendant inquired about eliminating witnesses involved in the original murder case, which is yet to go to trial. The defendant was put in touch with a “private investigator,” a man who later turned out to be a Fort Lauderdale cop.

In this case, the main witness has a lot to gain from the conviction of the accused. Reportedly, this involves substantial cuts to his own jail time – indeed the deals he has cut with prosecutors in various prior cases have reduced his sentence from a possible 30 years to a mere five years and six months.

Naturally, the defense is attacking the reliability of the witness, describing the crime as imaginary. It will be interesting to see how well this defense works. Anyone in a similar situation needs solid legal advice in order to effectively defend against false accusations, as is the allegation by the defense attorney for the defendant in this case.

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