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October 16, 2012.
posted in Domestic Violence

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The definition of domestic abuse or violence under Florida law is very broad and includes a large variety of criminal offenses. Allegations and charges of domestic violence can change an individual’s personal and professional life drastically by damaging not only a person’s reputation but by also limiting employment opportunities if he or she is convicted on the charges.

As our readers in Fort Lauderdale may have heard, a recent domestic violence case that was presided over in a local court earlier this month contained very unique circumstances. According to police reports, police arrested a 26-year-old local man for allegedly acting as the aggressor in a domestic violence case. The defendant allegedly attacked a woman by covering her in tomato sauce and shaving cream. The exact details of the case and the circumstance leading up to the act were not released.

The judge presiding over the case expressed surprise as to the substances involved in this particular domestic violence situation. The defendant was held on $1,000 bail and was prohibited by the court to own firearms or ammunition. As part of the court decision, the man was also ordered to stay at least 500 feet from the alleged victim at all times.

The penalties for acts of domestic violence in Florida can be more severe than penalties for other types of criminal charges, depending on the circumstances involved. Those who find themselves accused of alleged spousal abuse or domestic violence should be fully aware of their legal rights and alternatives. A thorough understanding of legal rights can help a defendant prepare a complete defense from the beginning of any allegations.

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