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November 20, 2012.
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It’s no secret that people do dumb things when under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, people are more likely to be swayed into committing serious crimes while intoxicated than when they are clearheaded. Many young teens have acted recklessly while under the influence, thinking they were having fun only to sober up and realize they committed felonies and ruined their lives and the lives of others. Sometimes, though, the court system gives them to break.

A Broward County man has had his sentence reduced from life imprisonment to 40 years in jail. The 23-year-old man was one of three people convicted of killing a homeless man. However, he was the only one to receive a life sentence for the crime. His accomplices were given 30-year and 15-year prison sentences.

The judge amended the sentence partly due to the man’s age at the time the crime occurred, and because of a Supreme Court ruling that curtailed sentences of life imprisonment for minors. The defendant was 17-years-old when he and two other males beat a homeless man to death in 2006. The judge also weighed other factors in her decision including the man’s remorse over the events and a statement from the victim’s sister.

Though the teen received a 40-year sentence for the murder charge, he may become eligible for parole sometime in the future. However, he will likely face other social penalties as a result of the felony charge, including reduced employment opportunities. If he commits to bettering himself, though, he may be able to overcome this unfortunate incident and become a positive force in society.

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