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November 28, 2012.
posted in Domestic Violence

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Every couple has disagreements. For most couples, even though the argument may get heated, physical contact does not occur. In a physically abusive relationship, however, one partner may strike, shove or otherwise assault the other partner. When this occurs, the offending partner can face serious consequences, such as arrest, assault charges, and prison in some cases, along with a damaged reputation.

A man in Hollywood, Florida was shocked to learn that striking his wife was frowned upon by authorities and the criminal courts. The 46-year-old man was arrested on domestic violence charges and resisting arrest. Authorities were called to the residence he shares with his wife. The wife reported that her husband had come home intoxicated, grabbed her face, and threatened to harm her. When authorities arrived, the man could be heard screaming for them to leave.

Once the wife let the officers inside the home, the husband walked towards the officers with a clenched fist, according to their report. Officers were forced to subdue the man in order to get him in the police cruiser and take him into custody. The man allegedly told police he ‘can touch his wife anyway he wants’ and asked them if they had never ‘put hands on a woman.’

At his arraignment on Monday, after spending the weekend in jail, the man still seemed confused that he was not allowed to physically abuse his wife. The judge at the arraignment made it perfectly clear that the law frowns upon such things, and set his bail at $6,750. He is also to have no contact with his wife, which posed an interesting dilemma for the man since the wife is the only one he can contact for the bond money, which is what he told the judge.

If a person is accused of domestic violence, that person should strive to learn the best approach to explain the actions revolving around the specific incident. Those accused in this case may need to learn the laws and statutes that involve domestic violence in order to frame a cohesive defense and try and plead remorse for their lack of understanding of current statutes. Perhaps instead of a jail sentence, a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney could argue for substance abuse education and counseling and possibly community service.

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