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December 14, 2012.
posted in Felonies

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A felony conviction can seriously impact a person’s future. A felony charge is typically reserved for serious crimes of significant magnitude. If such serious charges are brought against an individual, the judge may opt to hold the person in jail without bail. The more felonies a person racks up, the more complicated and lengthy legal proceedings can become.

Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for a Florida woman found guilty of serial murder. She has been found guilty of killing her husband and her mother-in-law with the help of her brother. The prosecution also wishes to impose a life sentence on the woman’s brother for his part in the assault.

The woman’s mother-in-law received multiple blows to the skull in 2009 while at home in her Fort Lauderdale house. Within two months of this event, the woman allegedly attacked her husband with gym weights. He also suffered several lacerations to the eyes, apparently from a utility knife.

The defendants also found themselves convicted of domestic violence, money laundering, stalking, and witness tampering. The prosecution asked the judge to sentence the woman up to $250,000 per violation, and she was convicted of 12 violations in total. The defendants will be sentenced on Dec. 17.

In general, an aggravated felony charge, particularly a murder charge, has the potential to be life-changing for a person. An error in judgment can lead to an arrest or a false allegation, which itself can lead to a lawsuit. All parties involved in such situations ought to learn more about their rights to negotiate a result that ensures the integrity of the justice system.

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