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December 07, 2012.
posted in Misdemeanors

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Workers at a Target in Davie, Florida, claim that they saw an 80-year-old woman attempting to steal merchandise from the store. The woman later claimed health issues led to her actions. It’s important for the woman accused of this crime to understand her legal rights. Anyone in the Fort Lauderdale area accused of a misdemeanor or felony theft because of shoplifting may benefit from doing the same.

Police said workers at Target saw the woman allegedly place $316 worth of merchandise into a bag on Nov. 25. She tried to leave the store, police said when employees stopped her at the front door. Police also said the woman had no cash or credit cards at the time of the incident. She’s been charged with one count of grand theft.

At a bond court hearing on Nov. 27, the woman told the judge it was not her intention to commit the crime. She claims an illness, which can be confirmed by a doctor, contributed to her actions.

The judge hearing the case released the woman on her own recognizance but declined to dismiss the charges. He said he understood the woman was of advanced age but didn’t believe she should get a free pass for committing the crime because of her age.

Clearly, there could be some extenuating circumstances in this case. The woman is within her rights to have her doctor testify on her behalf. Sometimes there is more than meets the eye to a case, and people should remember not to jump to conclusions.

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