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March 07, 2013.
posted in Drunk Driving

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The penalties associated with driving while intoxicated can be life-changing. In addition to monetary fines and license suspension, a person arrested for DUI can end up facing jail time if convicted. In some cases, the offender could even face job loss. Building a solid defense can be the key to reducing the severity of the consequences associated with drinking and driving charges.

People in Florida may have read about a 53-year-old Florida police sergeant who has recently been suspended from his job after being arrested for DUI. According to police reports, on Feb. 23, the sergeant was charged with making an improper stop, failure to obey the police, and DUI. He allegedly refused to take a breath test after allegedly failing a field sobriety test given to him at the scene.

Although the officer was not on duty when the arrest occurred, a decision was made by his superiors to place him on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues. Reports show that this is not his first drinking and driving-related charge nor his first job suspension.

The legal consequences that can result from driving while intoxicated can be unfavorable to an offender, especially if facing multiple charges. It is important that people facing DUI charges understand their legal rights and options. A strong defense may be able to minimize the more serious consequences associated with the charges.

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