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August 09, 2013.
posted in Domestic Violence

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Almost every couple fights at some point in their relationship. Most of the time fights between couples are harmless. Other times, arguments can lead to family violence. Domestic violence occurs when one partner uses threats of violence or physical, emotional, or sexual abuse to get control over the other partner. Allegations of domestic violence can lead to serious criminal charges.

Recently, former NFL player and Florida resident Chartic Darby was charged with domestic violence. In this case, the former defensive lineman was accused of pushing his wife during an argument. According to police, they were called into the couples’ home by Darby’s wife. His wife claims that she and Darby were arguing about her leaving the house to run errands. During the argument, his wife alleges that Darby pushed her in the chest. Police say that they saw no marks, redness, or signs of injury on Darby’s wife when they arrived. However, Darby was still arrested.

Darby, on the other hand, maintains his innocence. He agrees that the couple had been fighting prior to the police’s arrival. However, he denies that the fight became physical.

Unlike many other types of crimes, domestic violence often happens in the privacy of a person’s home. The only witnesses are often the alleged perpetrator and the alleged victim. In these cases, the evidence is often he said, she said accounts which can increase the rate of false accusations.

Even accusations of domestic violence need to be taken seriously. Using these allegations, people may be able to obtain a protective order which would limit their partners’ ability to live at home or see their children. Therefore, all those accused of domestic violence need to take steps to clear their name from the beginning of a case. Otherwise, it could be an uphill battle to clear their name and return to normal life.

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