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January 10, 2014.
posted in Sex Crimes

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A Broward County man has been arrested on charges of conspiracy to produce child pornography. At this time, the man’s true identity is unknown since he has only gone by an alias by using the name of an allegedly dead man.

According to authorities, the man exchanged emails and other communications with a 36-year-old man about making child pornography. Authorities claim that the man also shipped baby products to the other man in exchange for sexual images of a six to nine-month-old baby and a toddler. Authorities say that they learned about the communications after Google detected photographs in emails between the men.

Following the tip from Google, authorities — from the FBI, Broward Sheriff’s office, and Fort Lauderdale police departments– raided the man’s home in Lauderdale. According to authorities, they found package labels to the other man and child pornography on a computer.

Those facing child pornography charges — like the man in this case — can face immediate repercussions. They may face trouble at work, be stigmatized in the community, and be sent to jail to await criminal proceedings. However, those charged should understand that they need to be treated as innocent until proven guilty by authorities — even if facing federal charges.

The burden of proof in these cases is on the prosecutors. The defendants can protect themselves by challenging evidence used by prosecutors and by making sure all of their constitutional rights are upheld. Presenting an aggressive criminal defense in sex crimes cases is often necessary because these cases are often subject to aggressive prosecution — especially if children are involved. However, by forcing prosecutors to follow the rules and prove that people are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, then people can avoid serious penalties.

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