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January 14, 2014.
posted in Drunk Driving

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When someone is charged with driving under the influence, people may think that only one type of charge is possible. However, there are a variety of DUI and drunk driving charges in Florida. Depending on the specific charges that a particular person faces, the penalties for a conviction can be quite different.

For example, if a person is¬†arrested for DUI following an accident the charges may be more severe than for a person arrested for DUI following a routine traffic stop. Furthermore, factors such as the person’s blood alcohol content level, the person’s criminal history, and other circumstances surrounding the person’s arrest can all affect the specific charges.

In a recent South Florida case, a man has been arrested on charges of DUI with serious bodily injury. According to police, the man ran a red light before crashing into another car. As a result of this collision, the man allegedly lost control over the vehicle and crashed into a local fast-food restaurant. Police say that at least four people — three inside the store and the driver of the other vehicle — were hurt in the accident.

The specific charges that each person faces in a particular case are important because they will help to determine the potential punishments. These punishments can include drivers’ license revocation or suspension, jail or prison time, larges fines, and others. Furthermore, by understanding the specific charges, people may be better able to formulate a defense. Certain aspects of a particular situation may need to be challenged — depending on the charges — so that the potential penalties can be reduced or eliminated.

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