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January 23, 2014.
posted in Misdemeanors

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Interacting with police officers can be a difficult experience for any Florida resident. Sometimes people may not know how to react and may immediately become aggressive or defensive. While police are often looking for evidence that criminal activity is occurring, they will sometimes just check in with people to make sure that people are alright — especially if unusual behavior is being exhibited.

Recently, professional football player Davone Bess — formerly of the Miami Dolphins — was arrested because of his interactions with police. According to reports, Bess was seen acting unusually at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Police say that he was singing, dancing and that his pants were falling off.

Officers claimed to ask Bess if everything was alright. However, the officers say that Bess reacted poorly to the questioning. Eventually, he refused police orders, squeezed a cup of coffee all over an officer, and took a fighting stance. Reports claim that he was eventually arrested on three misdemeanor charges including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest without violence, and simple assault on an officer. He was taken to a local jail but released on $100 bail.

In situations where police have approached a person, like in this case, people need to remember that they cannot become aggressive with police. If people react the wrong way, they can face misdemeanor charges and further legal trouble.

However, people should know that they do have rights when it comes to the police. People do not need to submit to police questioning without a lawyer present after they have been arrested. Furthermore, people have the right to remain silent following an arrest. People do not need to admit to criminal behavior or any other incriminating evidence.

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