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January 22, 2015.
posted in Sex Crimes

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Like most other states in the nation, it is illegal to engage in prostitution in the state of Florida. Prostitution involves one party offering money for services and another party providing or agreeing to provide services of a sexual nature. In most cases, it does not matter whether or not services are actually provided. Those who provide services, those who arrange services, and those who solicit services may be partaking in criminal activity.

Those who solicit prostitutes, called johns, may be charged with attempting to exchange money for sex. Those who arrange for johns and prostitutes to meet may be charged with pandering. To be charged with solicitation, an individual only needs to encourage someone to commit a crime.

To be charged with solicitation of prostitution, an individual needs to agree to pay for sex and take action to further that agreement. For instance, agreeing to pay for sex and then withdrawing funds from an ATM is enough to fulfill this burden. If the person being solicited for sex is a minor, that could turn a misdemeanor charge of solicitation into a felony charge of solicitation of a minor.

Those who are charged with sex crimes may wish to talk to a criminal defense attorney. An attorney may be able to help dispute the charge in court. This may be done by arguing that no money was offered in exchange for sex or that any money withdrawn after agreeing to have sex was only to pay for food or for a hotel room. If successful, the charge may be dropped, or a jury may find the defendant not guilty after a trial.

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