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January 14, 2015.
posted in Drunk Driving

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A vehicle driven by a 48-year-old man was stopped by Florida police after it was spotted going the wrong way on Jan. 5. A trooper noticed the man’s silver Dodge pickup going northbound in the southbound lane of Route 19. The vehicle was pulled over near Marine Parkway, and the trooper was almost hit as attempted to make the traffic stop.

Police say that he had been driving the wrong way for nearly a quarter of a mile when he was stopped. The man driving the pickup was eventually charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and driving the wrong way. After being taken into custody, he was sent to the Pasco County Jail. There was no information as to whether the man was granted bail or eventually released from custody.

A driver who is charged with driving under the influence may face many consequences if convicted. It may be possible to face a fine, time in jail, and license revocation or suspension. Drivers may also face court costs and higher insurance premiums as well. However, it may be possible to avoid some or all penalties by disputing the charge in court with the help of a DUI defense attorney.

An attorney may be able to create a defense to the charge such as disputing the accuracy of a blood or breath test given to a driver. If a breath test is taken without a warrant, there is a chance that the charge could be dismissed. In addition, a DUI lawyer may argue that bloodshot eyes or slurred speech were the result of a medical condition or a bad reaction to the legal medication. Either of these defenses may be enough to win an acquittal or increase the odds of a plea agreement in the case.

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