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June 17, 2015.
posted in Misdemeanors

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Most Florida residents likely enjoy eating pizza over conversation with their family and friends. However, for one pair of roommates, their experience was a bit different. In fact, it led to a misdemeanor charge for one Florida man.

Allegedly, a 50-year-old man threw a hot piece of pizza at his 56-year-old female roommate after they began to argue over the pizza at their home. It is unclear who called the police, but the woman informed authorities that the pizza struck her in the hand as it was airborne. Authorities noted that there was indeed pizza sauce on the woman’s shoulder and the man had pizza sauce on his shorts and chest.

The woman did inform the police that she had not been injured. However, she and a witness who was reportedly in the home at the time of the incident were left scarred. The man denies that he ever threw a slice of pizza. In fact, he alleges that he was actually the victim. However, authorities arrested him and charged him with a misdemeanor of simple battery in addition to violating his probation from a prior DUI conviction.

This man, as well as anyone else who is facing a misdemeanor charge here in Florida, has the right to defend himself, the right to a fair trial, and the right to be presumed innocent until — and only if — proved guilty. In order for a simple battery charge to be successful, prosecutors have the burden of proving that some form of intentional contact occurred during the alleged altercation. If this cannot be done, an accused individual may be able to have all charges against him or she dropped.

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