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June 11, 2015.
posted in Sex Crimes

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An Army recruiter here in Florida has recently been accused of having sex with two girls who were reportedly underage at 17 years of age. Apparently, both of the teenagers had filled out the proper paperwork in order to join the Army. They both met with the 30-year-old recruiter at the recruiting facility. However, they allege that their relationship went beyond that, and the man is now facing various charges related to alleged sex crimes.

He reportedly met with one of them at his recruiting office following an orientation that took place in January. Beginning in February, she alleges that they engaged in numerous sexual acts on multiple occasions. She says that at least one of the occasions took place in a vehicle that had been issued by the government.

Another girl says that she met the recruiter in March when she began undergoing physical training. Eventually, he drove her to her workouts and even picked her up early so that they could spend some time together alone. She alleges that anytime that they were alone they engaged in some form of sexual contact.

The Florida man has been accused of soliciting sexually explicit photographs from one of the two girls and then sharing those photos with another underage girl. The charges that he is facing related to all of these allegations could land him in prison for a minimum of 10 years if prosecutors find enough evidence to convict him. This man, as well as anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation, has legal rights that deserve to be respected, but this is often not the case in cases dealing with sex crimes. Therefore, this man may want to consider retaining assistance in fighting these charges and ensuring his rights are not violated in any way.

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