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June 04, 2015.
posted in Domestic Violence

On behalf of The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A.

There are many professional athletes in the state of Florida. One article suggested that, in recent times, domestic violence charges filed against professional athletes have been on the rise. According to some, one can read about athletes in the crime statistics as often as one can learn about them on the sports news pages.

From a professional running back who stood accused of punching his girlfriend in the face to another football superstar facing child abuse allegations, reports seem to indicate that several paid athletes have been in the news for facing criminal charges rather than game performance statistics. The recent article stressed that most professional athletes do not commit acts of domestic violence. Some have even become outspoken against it and have publicly worked as activists in defense of victims of violent acts.

The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence works with approximately 42 certified shelters across the state to help those who have survived acts of violence from a family member. A player for the Pittsburgh Steelers is well known in his current Pennsylvania community for speaking out against domestic violence in the area. Some say that raising public awareness in this way will help to prevent further acts of violence from being committed.

For athletes and others in Florida who have been accused of domestic violence, it is good to know that all persons are protected by law with the right to seek legal representation when facing charges in court. Domestic violence is a serious issue. Seeking the advice of a legal professional with experience in criminal law would most likely prove beneficial in preparing a defense and planning for upcoming court proceedings.

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