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August 20, 2015.
posted in Felonies

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A 50-year-old Florida man has recently been accused of stabbing his brother. The stabbing allegedly occurred during an argument the two men were having. According to authorities, this occurred at the man’s home and has resulted in a felony charge.

Supposedly, the argument began when another individual started to poke fun at the recently-arrested man. The man, who is hearing impaired, got angry at his 37-year-old brother. This argument sparked a physical fight, which is when the man reportedly got a knife from his automobile and chased after his brother. Witnesses claim that he stabbed his brother after his brother tripped over a log in the yard.

Currently, the man is facing a charge of aggravated battery that is related to domestic violence. Domestic violence is included in the charge because the two men were brothers, and domestic violence can refer to physical harm that is inflicted upon someone else that is in the same family or living under the same roof. Unfortunately for this man, this is a felony charge, which can carry a lot of hefty consequences. These can include anything from a large fine to mandated prison time.

However, any case like this requires concrete evidence from the prosecutors in order to prosecute an alleged suspect. An experienced defense attorney could provide evidence that creates a reasonable doubt that a suspect was involved in a reported altercation. However, even if there is evidence that suggests a suspect was indeed involved, it may still be possible to defend, such as by seeking a reduction in the severity of the felony charges or less time in jail. Each domestic violence case is different, which is why one may wish to familiarize himself or herself with Florida criminal law, the potential defenses, and criminal proceedings procedure to help prepare oneself for any upcoming court appearances.

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