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August 27, 2015.
posted in Sex Crimes

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A gymnastics coach here in Florida has recently been arrested and charged with possession of both firearms and child pornography. He is also facing a charge of sexual assault. The 66-year-old coach was arrested at the end of July for these accused crimes.

In 2004, a complaint was made that led authorities to believe that this man was involved in the case. The victim, who is 21 years of age now, said that he lured her into various sexually-related games for a period of four years, from 1999 to 2003. The victim asserts that he had her close her eyes, at which time, he sexually battered her. According to police, there are similarities between the information that she gave detectives and the child pornography images that they allegedly found in the man’s possession.

The man has been around kids for years. He has taught gymnastics, owned gyms, and has even been in charge of a summer camp for children. The owner of the gym where he was most recently employed said that all the children loved him. Some find this very hard to believe, especially since the man was supposed to be a person of authority and trust.

Accusations of sexually-related misconduct or sexual assault can be extremely damaging to a coach, teacher, or other people of authority like this man. Any accused individual’s profession is on the line in addition to his or her personal life, especially if married with children. In Florida, a large fine and incarceration are potential penalties for these types of crimes. Luckily, this man, and any other accused individual, has the right to defend himself in court, which will hopefully result in the best possible outcome for his individual situation.

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