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September 01, 2015.
posted in Felonies

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Florida’s location makes it the perfect place for drugs to be imported and even exported. Cocaine is probably one of the most popular drugs used and sold in the Sunshine State. However, the use and sale of cocaine is strictly prohibited in Florida and could cause someone to face a felony charge if caught using or selling the drug.

In the state of Florida, one could face a first-degree felony charge if caught in possession of over 28 grams of cocaine. This is because the possession of this amount of cocaine is considered a trafficking by state police. If a perpetrator is within a certain distance of a school and is caught trying to sell cocaine, he or she will likely face a second-degree felony or worse.

While that may sound extremely terrible, there is some good news. First-time offenders who have been caught with a small amount of cocaine may be able to work out a deal with the prosecution to enter into a diversion program. In some cases, a suspect may be offered a plea bargain if he or she has access to a higher-level dealer or producer of cocaine and are willing to give that person up in exchange for freedom.

Ultimately, it can help to have someone who is familiar with the cocaine laws of Florida as a legal advocate. An experienced attorney can evaluate someone’s particular situation and provide him or her with assistance in defending against a felony charge of cocaine possession or trafficking. With the right defense, it may be possible to have the charges reduced or possibly even dismissed completely.

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