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December 31, 2015.
posted in Divorce

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Celebrity divorces sometimes involve large monetary amounts, but the general family law concepts that are applied by the courts are fairly consistent with respect to persons in all economic strata and residing in all states, including Florida. Some common principles were applied in the recent celebrity divorce settlement of Oscar-nominated actor Jeremy Renner and his wife, model-actress Sonni Pacheco. Because the couple has a 2-year old daughter, Renner has agreed to pay $13,000 per month in child support payments.

Although Renner will share custody equally with Pacheco, his income is substantially higher than hers, which is a key factor in determining child support responsibilities. Renner will also pay 5 percent of any amount over $2.3 million that he earns in a year. However, he will not pay spousal support or alimony to Pacheco, and that is mainly due to the fact that the parties were only married for 10 months.

Many factors go into alimony or spousal support determinations, and in this case, the short duration of the marriage looms large in the agreement. Furthermore, although Pacheco makes less than Renner, she is likely able to support herself through her own high-income potential, making her not in need of extra help for survival. That is even more true due to a large amount of child support that she will receive to maintain the child.

The couple also reportedly signed a prenuptial agreement in which Renner has assured protection of his separate assets. He will keep virtually everything he owned prior to entering into the marriage. This appears to be an ideal divorce settlement for the father in that he expressed main concern in life is the welfare of his daughter. At the same time, he retains ownership of the bulk of his assets and income. The general principles applied here are fairly consistent in all jurisdictions, including in Florida.

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