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January 15, 2016.
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January sees more divorce filings than any other month. In light of this, one divorce and parenting coach is recognizing January as International Child-Centered Divorce Month. The goal of the special child-centered month is to educate parents in Florida and across the country in parenting skills that will increase the positive influences on their children and hopefully prevent the negative consequences both during and after divorce proceedings.

As part of that educational effort, the impetus is on alerting parents to the effects of divorce on children, what steps parents need to take to safeguard their children’s emotional health and how to better co-parent together to facilitate a beneficial effect on the children. There are special educational aids available this month, including videos, ebooks, coaching services, audio programs, and the like. A special website is available throughout January.

That website will steer parents to workshops and other educational interchanges. Participating divorce professionals from different sectors will be there to provide accurate facts about what makes it easier and better for children who are confronting the impact of separation and divorce. One emphasis is to teach parents that there may be better ways to go through the divorce itself instead of the traditional methods of bitter adversarial processes.

In that light, many divorce attorneys in Florida and elsewhere may be experienced enough to give their clients information and discuss with them the pros and cons of mediation. However, people should always understand that each divorce is different, and each has its own unique issues that must be resolved. That is why consulting with a highly experienced divorce attorney will greatly facilitate achieving the kinds of goals that this special month’s organizers seek.

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