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April 21, 2016.
posted in Divorce

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Couples who formally end their marriages in court are not always able to move forward in life without continuing disagreements. Often, various issues arise the following divorce that land former spouses back inside courtrooms. Fans in Florida and throughout the nation likely still keep tabs on Hollywood star, David Hasselhoff, who apparently is facing such legal challenges regarding a court order that requires him to pay $21,000 a month to his former wife.

It was in 2006 when Hasselhoff divorced his wife of 16 years, actress Pamela Bach. For more than a decade, he has reportedly paid a total of more than $2 million to her in alimony. The actor says he is frustrated because although she is an able and talented actress, she has allegedly chosen to live a privileged lifestyle at his expense, rather than actively seeking employment to support herself.

Hasselhoff has requested a modification of the existing court order regarding his alimony payments. He said he is now age 63, and he wants to make plans to retire; therefore, he has asked the court to reduce his payments or eliminate them altogether. He further stated that the substantial amount of money he has paid to his former wife over the years is above and beyond that which he has contributed to the support of his two daughters.

Any person in Florida facing a similar legal problem after divorce can take the first step toward a resolution by contacting an experienced attorney in the area. An attorney can help protect one’s interests through sound legal counsel and effective representation in court. It is also often helpful to have another party speaking on one’s behalf to avoid emotionally charged situations in the courtroom.

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