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April 01, 2016.
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For those who are going through a divorce and those who have obtained a final decree, the transition is notorious for producing bad decisions. It is perfectly acceptable for someone wrapping up a divorce action to ask for help in going forward. One program in Florida gives hope to some divorcees that they will find a stronger path to guide them through the turmoil.

Although the Divorce Recovery group meets in a Methodist church, it appears to be nonsectarian in nature. The group conducts four 12-week phases of workshops under the direction of 15 facilitators. They have been through the program themselves, and they are specially trained to guide individuals gently through a procedure of valuable self-examination.

The group may hear talks by representatives of different professions, such as real estate lawyers, divorce lawyers, and nurses. Speakers also deal with guilt, forgiveness, and similar common emotional barriers. This type of support mechanism and learning module can prove to benefit those who might have a tough time going through and emerging from the divorce ordeal.

Another benefit is to maintain the individual on a more coherent level of functioning so that decision-making during the divorce, along with communications with the person’s divorce attorney, may be effective. The group thus begins its focus on emotional security, which is often the major area of weakness for a person in a divorce. There is also a rebuilding group of exercises that means to find the person’s creative center and to unleash new activities going forward.

Many people who have gone through the divorce process have felt lonely and disconnected from their surroundings. Divorce Recovery is an option that has reportedly served thousands of persons in Florida in finding their way to solid ground during one of the toughest of life challenges. During the third phase, the group deals with critical topics like picking the wrong mate, how to co-exist in relationships, and financial recovery issues.

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