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April 28, 2016.
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In Florida and throughout the nation, many married couples who divorce continue to face legal challenges afterward regarding the future care and upbringing of their children. Some situations become increasingly complicated and stressful, especially with regard to scheduled meetings for supervised visits or dropping children off to go with their non-custodial parents. A new program has been developed in the state that seems to be helping those who face these types of family law issues.

A safe place has apparently been opened to allow a parent to drop off the child for a scheduled meeting with the other parent. Each parent enters through a separate entrance, and an officer is on hand to help keep the peace at all times. Parents are also instructed to park in separate parking lots on the premises to avoid potential altercations outside the building.

The safe place was opened to help those who have less-than-friendly relationships with their former spouses but need to have contact because of court-ordered child visitation. The guarded room is equipped with security surveillance cameras, and parents must turn in their car keys at the door to prevent possible abductions. The on-duty officer also passes a search wand over every parent who enters the room.

This type of family law program might help those in Florida who have struggled to maintain peaceable agreements with their former spouses regarding their children. Some situations end up leading back to the courtroom, however. In such cases, it is typically beneficial to act with the help of an experienced attorney and skilled negotiator rather than attempt litigation on one’s own.

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