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April 28, 2016.
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Raising a family in today’s world is obviously not without its challenges. Many children are forced to adapt to new lifestyles after their parent’s divorce, often causing a variety of personal complications. In a recent move that surprised many, the governor of Florida spoke out about family law issues after vetoing a bill that had passed by landslides in both the Florida House and Senate.

Apparently, SB 668 addressed the matter of shared parenting after divorce. More specifically, its provisions stated that all judges in the state are to assume that both parents are entitled to spend equal time with their children. The bill also contained proposed changes to state laws that govern alimony.

The governor’s veto caused a ruckus in political and societal circles throughout the state. Supporters of the bill were shocked and disappointed that the governor chose not to confirm the newly proposed laws. Not only did he veto the bill, but he also issued a personal statement saying it was potentially damaging for children because it placed parents’ desires ahead of children’s best interests.

Some say it would be better if family law issues, such as alimony and child custody, were addressed in separate bills, rather than lumping them all together. Lobbyists say they intend to keep pushing for the reforms that they believe are needed in Florida. In the meantime, anyone facing legal challenges because of such issues can address those matters with an experienced attorney in the area in order to determine the best course of action to take maybe for his or her specific situation.

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