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May 11, 2016.
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On behalf of The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A.

When two people choose to dissolve a marriage, legal challenges often continue after a settlement has been reached. Often, disagreements arise after divorce regarding child custody or other issues related to a former couple’s children. Anyone entering negotiations regarding such matters in Florida is advised to present as positive an impression as possible to the court.

In various counties in another state, before a child custody trial takes place, former spouses must participate in alternative mediation meetings. This type of negotiation occurs prior to a trial. A person participating in this type of mediation will obviously benefit by coming prepared with a well-planned proposal for agreement.

During alternative mediation conferences, any visible outrage or impractical requests may pose an inadvertent obstacle toward obtaining a favorable outcome in court. Thus, a concerned parent will want to act with children’s best interests at heart. Creating a good impression during mediation and any subsequent court hearings typically increases one’s chances of achieving positive results. The court may appreciate a well-presented, amicable parenting plan as it determines what arrangements will guide a family’s future.

Navigating the Florida legal system after divorce regarding the care and upbringing of children may be made easier by enlisting the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. This would enable a parent to seek clarification of all state and federal laws that may pertain to a particular situation. An attorney would also be aware of any meetings or hearings a parent might be required to attend before court proceedings.

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