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March 17, 2017.
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As soon as a spouse makes the decision to end his or her marriage, the very next thought is often about the cost of that process. Divorce can be expensive, as anyone who has gone through the process or had a front-row seat to a friend or family member’s divorce can attest to. There are ways, however, to make the cost of a Florida family law case less of a mystery, which can make it far easier to plan for the future.

As with so many things, success lies in open and honest communication. Spouses should begin by discussing the matter with their respective divorce attorneys and expressing concerns over controlling costs. Once an attorney is aware that cost is a primary concern, he or she can guide the spouse toward decisions that will reduce costs.

Spouses can take things into their own hands by being proactive, and gathering all required documentation early in the process. Every time an attorney has to request information from his or her client and follow up on those requests, costs are increasing. At the same time, there are things that are beyond an attorney’s control, especially when it comes to actions taken by the other party. If the other side is intent on dragging things out or being contentious, then there is a limit to what can be done to control those costs.

Florida spouses should discuss their concerns about the cost with their Fort Lauderdale family lawyer. That can lead to reductions in expenses across many different areas. In the best cases, the other party will also want to limit costs, and the divorce will move forward smoothly. When that is not the reality of the situation, one side can at least take steps to reduce some of the expenses.

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