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March 23, 2017.
posted in Child Support

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For Florida parents who are tasked with paying monthly support for one or more children, making those payments in a timely manner is important. For some, the logistics of making child support payments can be a challenge. Some parents live far from their former partner and their kids and cannot simply hand over a check or cash every month. Others work in remote locations and have trouble getting their payments in on time. One state has simplified the matter and is offering a new way to make child support payments.

The state’s Department of Children and Family Services has teamed up with MoneyGram to allow parents to use the service to make child support payments. MoneyGram locations are found in gas stations as well as nationally-known grocery stores and drugstores. Having this payment option is a good solution for parents who do not have traditional bank accounts.

The state made this partnership to help facilitate child support payments that were not being made in a timely manner. Making it easier for non-custodial parents to pay removes the burden from the state, which will pursue collections if the situation continues. Once the courts get involved, the entire process becomes more expensive for parents and for taxpayers.

Florida parents who are tasked with making child support payments might want to look into MoneyGram or similar services to assist in transferring those funds. In cases where the custodial parent is nearing the point of filing legal action, finding a way to make timely payments can help avoid a lengthy and costly legal battle. It can also help ensure that children are able to get the care that they need to grow and thrive, which is always the priority in child support cases.

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