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August 28, 2017.
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While some divorce cases can become a lifetime battle, the truth is that most divorces can handle the divorce process in a civilized manner. It’s possible to get an amicable divorce. An uncontested divorce is more affordable and easier to cope with. It’s a simple way to end the relationship on good terms. With the help of a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer, the process can go smoothly and you will avoid unnecessary headaches and complications along the way.

Uncontested divorce in Fort Lauderdale

The uncontested divorce option is not available to every couple in Florida. In order to qualify you have to meet certain legal requirements:

  • You don’t have children under 18
  • You’re not pregnant
  • Live in Florida for six months or more
  • You don’t want alimony
  • You and your spouse agree that the marriage is irreparable and would like a simple divorce.

An amicable divorce is often the best way to end things. Although spouses in Florida are required to share financial information, in a simple divorce you can always waive the financial affidavit. It will save time and avoid any complications or additional documents to submit.

Filing Your Uncontested Divorce

In order to file a dissolution of marriage in Florida, you will first have to complete the appropriate petition in the county you reside in. You will also have to pay fees when filing the “Petition for Simplified Dissolution.” It’s possible you and your spouse agree on the division of assets yet it’s best to put everything in writing. You will both need to sign this document.

What About If The Uncontested Approach Doesn’T Work?

There is always the chance that things will not go as planned. If this is your case, you may want to wear your best divorce boxing gloves. Every situation is unique and only you will be able to figure out what works for you. A contested divorce may be the best option as you will be dealing with legal matters that aren’t that simple.

Can You File An Uncontested Divorce Without An Attorney?

It’s possible to do it on your own if you haven’t been married for too long and don’t have many assets. Couples with more difficult situations involving multiple assets such as investment accounts and real estate can greatly benefit from a Fort Lauderdale uncontested divorce attorney.

Get Help

If you have any doubts about what’s the best legal approach for your divorce under your current circumstances, you can always contact a family law attorney in your area. Contact us today and schedule your initial consultation with the Fort Lauderdale family law lawyer Gustavo E. Frances. Whether you choose the uncontested or contested approach, we understand the divorce process can make you feel physically and emotionally drained. In either case, the trial should be your last option as it can make the process lengthy and more costly. It’s best to settle your differences before going to trial. Even if your particular case requires a trial, we are here for you and we will fight to protect your rights and the rights of your family.

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