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October 05, 2017.
posted in Divorce

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Although a divorce can be a painful episode in someone’s life, children should not be affected by these decisions. They should live happy lives, even after their parents decide to go their separate ways. Research shows that divorce doesn’t impact your children’s self-esteem, socials skills, or grades. But there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to raise your kids right after the divorce. Make sure you ask a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney about your legal options during the initial stages of your divorce.

Staying in an unhappy marriage is not an option for almost 50% of married couples these days. But you can still raise happy children. Studies show that over 80% of children of divorced parents can adapt well to new situations. In other words, children are doing well after the divorce. As long as they keep good relationships with both parents, the caregivers don’t have to live in the same place.

Children need parents who are emotionally stable. This means parents must try their best to handle their separation amicably. They should continue providing the same love and care and become emotionally responsive to the needs of the child. Kids also need resources such as housing, food, and social assistance. They don’t need a big house but rather parents who will love them no matter what.

Marriage is not important to children’s well-being but rather a loving relationship with their parents. This is what they crave. As long as parents are not in conflict with each other, children can easily adapt to new situations. It is natural for families to face difficult situations, even when parents are married, therefore facing a few disappointments should not affect your children as they grow. Many children are raised with single parents and they seem to be well adjusted.

Positive Co-parenting

The high conflict between divorcees can affect their children. It is important that parents cooperate with one another during the divorce process and after their divorce has been completed. Children benefit from stability so it is important to establish new routines that will benefit their lives. Sometimes a divorce can make you a better person, as you will focus more on the children rather than blaming your ex for everything. It is a time for new beginnings when you can create positive memories for your children. Through outdoor activities and the support of family, your children can be happier than ever before.

Parenting while divorced is challenging but it should not stand in the way of your child’s happiness. Neither you nor your child is a victim but rather individuals who made a wise choice. You can look for support in your local community, family, friends, and engage in positive activities. Remember you are in control of your life and every decision you make can impact your children in more ways than you can imagine. Take a step closer to a happier future and call divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale Gustavo E. Frances today.

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