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November 09, 2017.
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Divorce can be challenging for parents, especially when there are children involved. While most people want an amicable divorce, there are times when that may not be possible. Co-parenting when your former spouse can’t agree with you on basic principles can be a challenging situation. However, it is not good when your marriage ends on a hostile note. It may cause co-parenting problems in the future, which can be detrimental to your child’s physical and emotional health. Ask a divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale about how you can turn your highly contested divorce into a more amicable process. Fort Lauderdale family law attorney Gustavo E. Frances has experience negotiating divorce settlements.

Don’t Argue When The Kids Are Around

The truth is that there is no way to predict how your former spouse will react through and after divorce. However, you can keep your emotions under control. Don’t worry about what your former spouse or anybody else might think. Choose what’s best for you and your children. As long as you stay calm and consult your attorney before making the next move, you will be okay. Don’t argue with your ex in front of your children. It can make them feel confused and afraid, particularly if you have minor children. If your former spouse is one of those who get disproportionately angry for everything, take him or her aside and kindly request you keep your communication civilized around your children.

Dealing With An Unengaged Parent

Some parents are not engaged in the lives of their children and may not take their responsibilities seriously. Don’t waste your time trying to change something you can’t change. Stay positive and focus on your future. It is natural to feel overwhelmed after a contentious divorce process but remember good communication is the key to success in divorce. Ask a family law lawyer to oversee communications so that you and your former spouse are on your best behavior.

Your Child’s Relationship With Your Ex

Children should not feel the pressure and confusion associated with their parents’ disagreements. Your child should have a positive relationship with your former spouse and you should respect that. If your former spouse is fishing for information, tell your children they don’t have to answer those questions. You should always encourage your child to keep in touch with your ex but never allow such manipulative behavior.

When Your Children Don’t Want To Stay At Your Ex’s Place

Co-parenting is a difficult mission, particularly if your child doesn’t enjoy staying at your former spouse’s home. This is a very common scenario when there are teens involved. Encourage your children to communicate with your ex and express their feelings in healthy ways. While it is true you can only control your actions, you can also create a positive co-parenting environment. Keep advocating for your child’s well-being and contact us if you have any family law matter you need help with.

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