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November 03, 2017.
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It takes time to get over a divorce. There will be lingering tensions over child custody and child support issues. Other contentious issues related to co-parenting may also arise. The truth is that divorce recovery can be a slow process you are not prepared to handle on your own without having a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer representing your interests and those of your family.

Every couple’s situation and circumstances leading to separation are different therefore parenting through a divorce can be a difficult process for most divorced parents. Co-parenting can become an impossible mission. Notwithstanding your former spouse’s level of maturity and respect, you should keep the divorce process as amicable as possible. It is possible to keep your behavior under control and continue being an excellent parent, even after a harshly contested divorce.

Common Mistakes

  • Fighting over belongings: Many divorcees tend to fight over marital property, which seems like the natural thing to do. However, when the battle involves things such as toys, clothes, and other belongings, it can get pretty ugly. This should not be a problem as these items can be transported to both homes. Even if you have limited funds, don’t start a fight over toys and clothes. Also, children should not feel guilty about their parents’ disagreements. Even if your former spouse refuses to cooperate, you can act differently and suggest things such as washing your children’s clothes and returning them when they go back to your ex’s house.
  • When your children decide where to stay: This is a common mistake many divorced parents make. Children should not have to make these difficult decisions. Some children feel okay about making those decisions while others may avoid stressful situations they don’t want to be part of. Again, it all depends on how amicable your divorce process was and how cooperative your former spouse is.
  • No custody arrangement: This is not a good idea as it can make your life more chaotic and your children will struggle to adapt to the new routine. Every parent’s work schedule is different therefore you may have to create a unique custody arrangement with the help of a child custody attorney in Fort Lauderdale. You can always have a calendar that includes the time or days your child will spend with you and your ex. It can help cope with the stress associated with visitation decisions until your attorney can figure out a more stable visitation agreement.
  • Talking bad about your former spouse: Don’t do it. It says a lot about you and it may complicate things further down the road. Your children shouldn’t have to decide between you and your former spouse.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney

Parenting is hard, especially through and after divorce. Just remember you are in control of your actions and you can choose to be a good parent in spite of all the negativity around you. Being a single parent can be a scary experience at first but you will eventually become a master at it. Call us today. We can help handle your divorce or any other family law matter you are currently facing.

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