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April 12, 2018.
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There can be an abundance of reasons why a couple may decide to divorce, and one of these, according to popular opinion, is that the children of divorced parents can be more likely to divorce themselves. Psychologists have appeared to back this hypothesis up for quite a while, but more recent research suggests that it actually goes deeper than that. With between 40% and 50% of marriages in the United States ending in divorce, it may not be our fault that our marriages so often run their course. According to 2017 research from the American Psychological Association, your chances of getting divorced could be coded into your DNA. Of course, for a marriage to work, both spouses must make the effort and be fully invested in the relationship – but could your genetics mean your chances are somewhat slim before you even start?

While this may make for depressing reading if you are a child of divorced parents and now see a long line of misery and heartbreak in store for your children and grandchildren, the study also contained some good news – divorce rates in the United States have reached their lowest point in four decades.

However, if you are facing divorce, no amount of studies and statistics will change that, or take the pain and emotional turmoil away. An experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney cannot magically fix your problems either, but we can use our legal knowledge to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Contested or Uncontested – An Excellent Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Can Help

It is almost guaranteed that you would prefer to go down the route of an uncontested divorce, but the reality does not always work out as we would like it to. An uncontested divorce is best for all involved, and if you and your former spouse have agreed on the terms before consulting a divorce attorney, the process can be swift and cost-effective. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for a divorce to be amicable, so your Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney will be prepared for all eventualities. It is also important to be aware that, where you and your spouse have children, you will be required to complete a parenting course before proceeding with an uncontested divorce.

Even if you, and your spouse, are determined to remain civil at least, divorce proceedings can easily become acrimonious. Some of the disputes a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney regularly encounters include:

Speak to a Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney About Your Circumstances Today

Whether you have successfully negotiated an uncontested divorce, or are embroiled in disputes over various aspects of your former married life, an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney can help you to secure the best possible outcome for yourself and your children.

Every divorce is different so, to discuss your circumstances with an esteemed attorney, schedule your initial consultation today by calling us on 954-533-2756.

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