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May 18, 2018.
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Ending a short-term marriage has just as many hurdles as any other divorce. In the unfortunate event of a divorce, it is very important to research all your option on how to proceed. In Florida, there are three different routes you can take to get a divorce, and it is essential that you pick the right option. When you apply for a divorce you can apply for either:

  • Summary dissolution
  • Dissolution
  • Legal separation.

What Is A Summary of Dissolution:

One of the best routes to take, when the marriage was short-term is a summary of dissolution. A summary dissolution can be applied for and received in the state of Florida if the marriage was entered into hurriedly and the parties involved come to the conclusion that the marriage was not the right choice.

Under What Grounds Can You Receive A Summary of Dissolution?

In order to receive this type of divorce, there are a few grounds that you can apply under. Firstly, if you have been married under five years it is very simple to get an immediate marriage dissolution. The purpose of a summary of dissolution is to make an uncomplicated divorce quick. This is why the shorter the time period of the marriage the easier it is to receive a summary of dissolution. The most important thing to remember is that when you are seeking an immediate dissolution, that the petition to the court needs to be filed by the parties involved jointly.

Often the most essential thing that needs to be sorted during a divorce is the care of the children. If the wife is not pregnant and there are no children involved then summary dissolution is also a route that can be taken. The reason this route cannot be taken if children are involved because the court needs to determine that the child is cared for in the right manner once the divorce judgment is finalized.

No shared property or assets amounting to more than $25,000, separate assets amounting to $25,000, or a debt amount of less than $5,000 accrued during the duration of the marriage also allow you to apply for summary dissolution. Any debt or assets accrued during the marriage becomes community debt and property and anything more than the amounts stated above can get complicated to split.

Mandatory Requirements For Summary of Dissolution

It is also a good option if both spouses have waived spousal support as there is no need to decide an amount making the process a lot simpler. In order to receive a summary dissolution, a couple must agree to sign the petition and at least one party must have been living within the state of Florida for a minimum of six months. As the summary of dissolution is for simple cases, the separation of debts and property must be agreed upon before the point of signing the petition.

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