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May 17, 2018.
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In the state of Florida, you do not have to give a reason for divorce. It is what is known as a no-fault divorce state meaning that a reason apart from irreconcilable difference does not have to be given to obtaining a divorce. Unfortunately, even though a couple mutually decides to obtain a divorce, the way their assets are divided may not be as amicable.

Uncontested Divorce

If a couple can agree on things such as asset division and child custody as well as any other payments such as some various types of support before they approach the court for a petition of divorce the divorce is known as uncontested. An uncontested divorce is the simplest type of divorce, with the least problems and hurdles to face. The best candidate for an uncontested divorce tends to be parties who have little or no assets to divide up. No children also help make a divorce uncontested. If however, there are assets and children involved then there is still a possibility for an uncontested divorce if all the decisions that need to be made on these subjects are mutual.

Contested Divorce

When there are arguments over every aspect of the divorce and nothing is agreed the divorce is known as a contested divorce. A contested divorce can occur if there are only arguments on a few aspects of the divorce or even large aspects of the divorce. The more complex the issues between the couple are the more complicated and longer the divorce proceedings will be. When situations like this occur it is essential that you find a divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to aid you through this difficult time and ensure you know that you get the best arrangement possible.

When Should You Not Get An Uncontested Divorce

On many occasions, there are many times where an uncontested divorce is the best way to go as it is the simplest and easiest option. However, in situations such as cases with physical abuse or emotional abuse of an adult or child an uncontested divorce may not be an ideal choice. This is because during situations like this a person might be easily manipulated or in an attempt to quickly get out of the situation, the party may not get everything that they deserve. This is the same case for when a party is thought to be concealing or hiding any earnings that they have or even when the children are being manipulated to have harsh feelings towards the other parent. In these circumstances, it is imperative that you hire a divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale to guide you through the process.

Contact A Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney

When dealing with divorce there are many aspects such as division of assets, division of debts, child custody, and child support as well as spousal support that needs to be addressed in a manner that is fair to both parties. In order to get the advice and help that you need please contact The Law Office Of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. Call our offices at 954-533-2756 to get a free consultation

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