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June 22, 2018.
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Coming to the decision that it’s time to get a divorce is never easy, even if you’ve seen the marriage deteriorate with your own eyes. This is a conversation that everyone dreads having, especially if heated arguments are common between you and your spouse. Make sure you plan your discussion, what you are going to say, and where it will take place.

Our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer recommends setting aside dedicated time to discuss the divorce with your spouse, among other things. You will want to have uninterrupted time to have such an important discussion. Take a look at the following five tips for telling your spouse you want a divorce so some of the stress can be relieved during such a difficult time.

Set Aside Private Time to Talk

Once you are definitely sure you want to file for divorce you need to set aside private time to talk to your spouse. This is especially important if you have a parent that lives with you or if you have children. Make sure everyone is out of the house so you are not interrupted during such an important conversation. You will want to carve out enough time so neither one of you has to get up and leave for work or school, thus ending the conversation prematurely.

Don’t Place Blame

One of the most important things you should take note of is never placing the blame during this discussion. This conversation is solely to tell your spouse you want to get divorced, not to point fingers or blame each other for what went wrong in the marriage. You might feel the need to blame your spouse, or even defend yourself during this conversation, but now is not the time.

Avoid Discussing the Issues

This conversation about getting a divorce should be just that. If the marriage has been stale for some time your spouse might actually be in agreement with you and might not be surprised by the news. If this is the case you both might start discussing the issues of a divorce, which include alimony, property division, child custody, and more. You should not discuss any of these issues during this conversation, especially since your divorce attorney is not present.

Remain Calm and Be Direct

Having a conversation with your spouse about divorce is never easy. It’s possible that your spouse will anger you by blaming the divorce on you. It is in your best interest to remain calm throughout the entire discussion. Don’t let your spouse get the best of you because they want you to react. While remaining calm you must also be direct. Come right out and calmly say what you want. Don’t dance around why you asked your spouse for such a private discussion.

Be Serious About The Decision

Divorce is final. Divorce is a serious situation that you should never take lightly. That’s why you should never throw the word divorce around in an argument or as a threat to your spouse. Using the threat of divorce in everyday life can make the conversation about it even more difficult.

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