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September 15, 2018.
posted in Child Support

On behalf of The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A.

Child support is a very important part of raising children. Whether you have been married and are now divorced, separated, or never married the other parent you can claim child support. You will need to go through the legal process in order to succeed and it is something that every single parent should do in order to provide their children with food, shelter, clothing, and an education. Today, our Fort Lauderdale child support attorney would like to discuss the reasons why someone would request a child support modification.

Substantial Increase in the Income of the Obligor

If you are the parent receiving the child support payments and you find out the other parent has received a substantial increase in their income, you will likely want to file for a child support modification. The parent making the payments is sometimes referred to as the obligor. When the obligor has a jump in income it makes sense for the child support order to be updated. Reasons for an increase in income include a promotion, a bonus, winning the lottery, winning a large bet, receiving a large inheritance, and striking it rich on a real estate transaction.

An Increase of Like Responsibilities

The person paying the child support might one day get remarried or have another child with someone else. This leads to an increase in their like, or familiar, responsibilities. This is a situation where the obligor can petition the court for a reduction in the amount of child support he or she is paying to the custodial parent. This is typically done in an effort to increase the support that can be paid to other children the obligor has.

A Decrease in Income

As with an increase in income being a reason to modify child support payments, the same can be said if the obligor has seen a decrease in income recently. The obligor typically petitions the court for a decrease in income due to job loss, medical care payments, and various other reasons. This modification to a child support order will likely only be temporary, especially if the obligor winds up getting a new job or inherits money from a family member who passed away.

An Increase for the Minor’s Responsibilities

If the minor who is the subject of the child support order has developed an increase for responsibilities on the part of the obligor, it is likely that the custodial parent will file for a modification. When children get older they develop more issues that need to be taken care of, including the need for braces, taking part in sports, requiring glasses or contacts, and many other activities that cost money. This order can then be modified again when the child stops these activities or the medical expenses decrease.

Contact an Experienced Child Support Attorney

When you are in need of modifying a child support order in Florida it is important to do so with the help of an experienced Fort Lauderdale child support lawyer. Contact The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. to schedule a consultation about your case.

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