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September 14, 2018.
posted in Divorce

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Divorce is incredibly common these days, with more than 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce. Why is this happening? What are the factors that lead to couples getting divorced? There are quite a few reasons why couples get divorced and they vary from egregious issues to the silliest of reasons. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney would like to discuss the reasons why couples get divorced in today’s post.

No Individual Identity

Even when people get married they still need to have an individual identity. Many people who get married mesh with their spouses to become one identity. This can easily lead to a divorce as one or both spouses could get tired of not having their own identity. This is what’s known as being in a codependent relationship, where you have to rely on the other spouse for just about everything in life.

Marrying for the Wrong Reasons

Couples that get married for the wrong reasons will almost always wind up getting divorced. One of the most common of these is marrying for money. Money happens to be a big reason for most divorces, but it’s usually due to a high amount of debt, unemployment, or someone who is spending too much of the marital income. But, marrying simply for money can easily lead to divorce in Florida.

No Shared Vision

Couples that don’t have a shared vision for their marriage likely wind up filing for divorce. The shared vision must include whether or not the couple wants to have children, how income will be made, no one can agree on the roles and responsibilities within the marriage, and much more. All of these issues can lead to arguments that might not be solved.

Expectations That are Never Met

Many divorcing couples state that their marriage didn’t work because of expectations that were never met during the marriage. Some people go into a marriage with certain expectations regarding sex, money, chores, and other areas of life. If these expectations are never met, the spouse who is disappointed might wind up filing for divorce.

Lack of Intimacy

A successful marriage needs two types of intimacy in order to succeed: physical and emotional. When a couple stops talking to each other about their problems, listening to each other, holding hands, kissing, hugging, and even stops having sex, the intimacy has disappeared. Both forms of intimacy need to be present for a marriage to work. When one form of intimacy disappears the couple could have trouble coming up with a fix.

No Conflict Resolution

A marriage that lacks conflict resolution is one that will inevitably struggle to survive. Both spouses must know how to resolve conflict so that their fights do not escalate or extend to days on end. There need to be ground rules in any marriage that define how arguments will be handled by each spouse.

Has your marriage exhibited one or more of these issues that typically lead to divorce? If so, it is time to speak with an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer.

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