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May 17, 2019.
posted in Child Custody

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We know that most parents want to do what is right for their children. Their safety is the number one concern. However, if you have been watching the news lately, you have likely seen the case of a Florida couple that lost custody of their child due to issues over chemotherapy treatments. Today, we want to discuss that case as well as other custody issues.

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What Is Happening In This Case?

Two parents, Taylor Bland-Ball and Joshua McAdams have lost custody of their 3-year-old boy, Noah McAdams after authorities say they kept him from getting treatment for his leukemia.

According to police, they refused to get him a medically necessary hospital procedure.”

The parents say that they decided to discontinue Noah’s treatment because they believed the cancer to be gone. They left Florida to seek a second opinion in the hopes they could keep their son from the side-effects of undergoing more chemotherapy.

“He had vicious mood swings making him violent, making him very emotional,” says the boy’s mother. His parents said that he was thriving under the care of doctors who started alternative treatment options.

However, according to Dr. Bijal Shah, the blood tests that Noah’s parents are citing do not show the full picture of his cancer. He says they have no way of knowing whether the boy has been cured this early in treatments.
The child has been placed into the custody of his grandparents, but his parents are going to court to regain custody.

Grandparent Custody In Florida

This is a good time for us to point out that grandparents do have custody rights in Florida, particularly when they are seeking temporary custody for the following reasons:

  • Consent to medical treatment for a child
  • Obtain medical and school records for a child
  • Enroll a child in school
  • Consent to activities on the child’s behalf (for school, recreation, etc.)

Along with grandparents, other extended family members may ask for temporary custody (uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, etc.).

Grandparents in Florida can also seek legal custody of a grandchild if

  • Both parents are deceased, missing, or in a coma
  • One parent is deceased, missing, or in a coma and the other parent has been convicted of a felony or an offense that poses a substantial threat to the child.

What Happens Now

If you are going through a divorce or facing other child custody issues, then you need to seek legal assistance. This can become a complicated process. Without the help of an attorney, there is a good chance you will not be treated fairly.

At The Law Office Of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A., we are ready to step in and be your advocate. We understand the law regarding custody in Florida, so when you need a Fort Lauderdale child custody attorney, we are ready to get to work. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 954-297-6546
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