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February 09, 2018.
posted in Child Custody

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Mediation has become very popular, particularly in recent years. Some parents aren’t sure about how to start the whole process and reap the benefits of this approach. It is always helpful for having a neutral party to help parents make difficult decisions. A mediator can help you discuss important issues and reach an agreement in no time. Ask a Fort Lauderdale child custody attorney how you can make the whole process simpler and create a visitation schedule that meets your family’s needs. It is hard to make some parenting decisions on your own without expert legal advice.

The Mediator’s Role

The mediator should help communication flow by asking important questions and identifying needs. Mediation is also helpful when drafting a child custody agreement. But mediators are not equipped like attorneys to handle the legal aspects of your child custody case. Mediators are just there to facilitate communication and make sure that parents come to an agreement.

Benefits of Mediation

Financial benefits: It is less costly than handling these complex issues on your own. Also, you will avoid unnecessary legal battles in court. A Fort Lauderdale child custody attorney can also help you make the whole process less contentious and help you and your former spouse reach a reasonable agreement.

Emotional benefits: Mediation allows you to be more in control of your decisions. You and your former spouse will have more freedom to express yourselves.

More participation: When parents reach an agreement through mediation, they have more freedom. Parents can come to an agreement and decide the terms on their own. In other words, you know what’s happening.

Follow through with it: Several studies show that parents tend to respect more agreements through mediation. It often yields more results than the traditional family court agreements.

More confidential: Mediators will not share the information discussed with anybody while court proceedings are generally open to the public.

Begin Your Mediation

You can go to a local family law court and ask them to provide you a list of mediators available in your area. Reach out to the ones that stand out. You can also ask single parents for referrals.

What to Expect

You will be discussing many issues during mediation. Whether that includes parenting time, visitation schedule, or other routines, you must be ready to come to an agreement with your former spouse. Successful mediations will get you where you need to be. Oftentimes, parents don’t agree on everything but at least the most important decisions are taken care of.

Mediation Is Not For Everyone

While mediation is the best approach to handling many family law issues, that doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for everyone. If you and your former spouse have a hard time communicating your needs before, through, and after divorce, contact Fort Lauderdale family law lawyer Gustavo E. Frances today and schedule an initial case evaluation.

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